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Ben Wilson – Chewing Gum art

Ever walking along looking at the pavement and get annoyed by the amount of white squashed pieces of peoples old chewing gum stuck to the floor…?

I was in Barnet a few years ago and noticed some tiny little paintings all along the high road, which were painted on what looked like pieces of peoples old chewing gum, I found out these were painted by Ben Wilson, who, by painted chewing gum on the ground said he isn’t breaking any law as he’s technically just making little works of art on rubbish.

Heres some of his work from around High Barnet and Muswell Hill;

I find this fascinating and such a great idea for turning something disgusting into something so beautiful.
Here’s a link to a video of him and some of this work

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Pavement Art turning reality into fantasy

I came across these great photos of pavement Art online today, they look amazing!!!!

Its interesting to see how our reality outside can be turned into something quite different

with the use of artistic creativity we can step outside our doors into a world of fantasy!

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Advertising, a stroll in the park.

For me the most aspiring way of advertising has to be ambient. The ideas behind the advertising and the way the adverts are incorporated into our surroundings intrigues me.

Have a break, Have a kit Kat

The Kit Kat bench is a great example of ambient advertising that ‘Works,’ we all know Kit Kat’s tagline ‘Have a break, Have a Kit Kat.’ which works perfectly with the bench as it can still be fully functionable and a great visual outside.

Good-bye Cellulite

I love this Nivea ‘Good-bye Cellulite’ sofa campaign which was featured at the Miami Fashion week to show the half tuffted side of the chair as Cellulite and other half smooth after the use of the new cream. Another great visual and creative idea!

Emirates Today Bench ad

Ikea bench Ad

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