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Grey London – Live Every Litre Project, Honda

In 2010 Grey London joined together with Wildfire to come up with a unique idea for a campaign for Honda which would take them on a journey around Europe to film normal people and their once-in-a-life-time journeys. They set out last year to make their very own documentary on the extraordinary journeys of these ordinary people.

Grey London, who leaded the project ultimately used Facebook advertising, Facebook pages and email along with Twitter to ask people the question ‘‘If we gave you the keys to our new sporty hybrid car, the Honda CR-Z, what journey would you make?’

An interative digital site was built by digital marketing agency VML which allowed people to interact with the cast and crew and view the route which would be taken and make their own suggestions to places they could go and people they could meet along the way.
People submitted their dream journey ideas onto the site where users then voted for their 13 favourites whose trips were filmed by the director Claudio Von Plata.

I love the documentaries especially the one by ‘The School Boys’ who set sail accross Lake Garda, in Italy on a Bouncy Castle – brilliant idea and it actually worked!


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